Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Street photography by Vidhi Todi

Vidhi, 16 yr old (almost) - Street Photographer; writes and shoots for AllThingsCoolKata.

Following is in her own words and from her own lens ...

"He ya !
When I have a camera in my hand I feel like a scientist. Discovering my surroundings, discovering the world's alignment. When I zoom in; my lens becomes my microscope. I look deeper than the seen. When I zoom out I see the world in a larger perspective. The lens then becomes my telescope to the macrocosm. Those moments, my sight is the subject.

I love Calcutta. My peers and people may say it's dirty, sleeping, haphazard. But you have to look beyond its covering. You have to see *Calcutta* as it is. Without its layers. Beauty does lie in the eye of the beholder. It's not what you see. It's never just what you see. It's how you see what you see. And I recognize my city. It's beauty, it's senility, it's culture. That is what I want them to see through my pictures."

Below are some of Vidhi's shots, hope you like them. You may connect with her on Facebook at her profile page. (* You will need to sign into your Facebook account to use the link)

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  1. Very promising work! Glad you shared Vidhi's work! I like the Victoria Memorial photos.

  2. I too love photography and i love roaming around in the streets of kolkata with my camera.There is so much more fodder for photography here!
    Lovely pics vidhi!

  3. @Avishar - come on down bro, and we will do it all together - the food, the 'adda', the shoot. The whole 9 yards !


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