Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sharodiya Curtain Raiser. Lo and behold !


Following posts will be available right here on AllThingsCoolKata during the upcoming festive season of Durga Pujo. Each day will bring with it a new story - stitched together with memories, pandal hopping, pictures, people, places, nostalgia and good food. Don’t touch the dial, stay tuned in.

      • সল্টলেকে শারদউত্সব  ২০১০ (Sharodutsav in Salt Lake, 2010)
      • যুক্তরাষ্ট্রে যুবক যুবতী (A boy and a girl in USA)
      • মহালয়া তে মহাভোজ (Mega feast on Mahalaya day)
      • বিশেষ-বিশেষ বারোআরি পুজো (Some household pujo)
      • শীতল ষষ্ঠী (Cool and crisp Maha-Shashti)
      • সপ্তমীর সকাল বেলা (The morning of Maha-Saptami)
      • অষ্টমী তে মেতে ওঠা  (Fun and frolic on Maha-Ashtami)
      • নবমী তে নৌকো চড়া (Boat ride on Maha-Navami)
      • দশমী তে সিন্দুর খেলা (Game of vermilion on the 10th day)


  1. Yea ! More of the homeland variety please for those like us who miss it. The raw images and the sounds of Durga puja.

  2. @Baul - You got it,I promise to deliver !


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